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I am a not a US citizen, I don’t live in the US, and never have. If I want to set up and follow some lazy portfolio of, for example, Vanguard funds, which online broker do I choose? There seem to be a lot of them, but which are legit?


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    Interactive Brokers was my pick - UK based but they onboard international customers. They offer approx. 300 Vanguard fund tickers and the fees are good.

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      Interactive Brokers UK, Ltd. is perhaps indeed your best bet.

      Before opening a brokerage account and loading on ETFs however, watch out for the US tax on dividends, and the US estate tax. This last one is especially nasty, as it applies to the balance of any US holdings above $60k. See if you are able to use (non-US) accumulating funds to avoid paying either US or local dividend taxes. I’d stick to Irish-domiciled ETFs if I were you (assuming you’re not an Irish resident).

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        That’s useful advice, thank you. I didn’t realize there are so many ETFs domiciled in Ireland!

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        For Dutch citizens, I can recommend Meesman. Be sure to check out the Dutch book De Schitterende Eenvoud van Indexbeleggen, which you can order right from their site. Their “world wide” index fund does quite well and has received a Morning Star rating of 5 stars. I’ve had less luck with their “up and coming countries” index fund so far.

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          I recommend that you also check Saxo Bank. The platform and support is better from my humble opinion: https://brokerchooser.com/compare/interactive-brokers-review/saxo-bank-review

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            I used to have an account with Saxo Switzerland, and it turned out to be a total rip-off in terms of cost. They impose a 0.15% stamp duty charge and a 0.1% commission (each way), and to add insult to the injury, they also charge a ridiculous 0.12% pa custody fee on top of that. I switched to IB UK and never looked back. They’re also paying interest for cash balances in excess of $10k (currently 1.42% pa).

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              The non Switzerland account doesn’t charge the stamp duty. IB is really good too, it is cheaper but I had more issues in comparison with Saxo.

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                Oh really? I opened a support ticket with them to confirm this. How about the 0.12% yearly custody fee?

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            Which country are you in?

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              Catalunya, Spain