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I would like to post a Dutch blog as a resource, but I don’t know if this is considered acceptable. What do people think of non-English content?

I would certainly like to read content that’s more geared to Dutch readers. Especially considering a lot of investment advice is related to local (tax) law, and the advice might differ depending on how hard certain assets are taxed and which accounts are tax-exempt. On the other hand, if everyone starts posting links in their native language, we might end up with a cacophony of different language content, most of which is useless except for a small group of people.


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    Short answer: I’m into it.

    Long answer: As an American with family in Europe, I am always struck by how much more exposure my cousins had to other languages on a daily basis. In fact, you might say I’m a bit jealous! One of my Spanish cousins could sit down and watch German MTV. He could never speak it, but he understood what was going on just fine.

    Besides language filtering, which has already been brought up, we also need to contextualize different localities. What does investment look like in the Netherlands vs the U.S. vs Argentina? Can people from one area actualize the insights provided by people from another area?

    While providing space for other languages presents the possibility of creating a disjointed, fragmented community, we do stand to gain a more global perspective on investment, which is unique.

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      We now have country tags and I personally don’t mind non-English links as long as they’re tagged properly (and thus, easy to filter out).

      My only suggestion would be to keep the on-site discussion in English for the time being at least. Going forward (and as we grow), if enough users will find it useful conversing in their native language, let’s do just that.

      And this brings me to another point – I have repurposed the original codebase to cater for the investing & personal finance communities specifically. In other words, I’m trying to shift the focus from link aggregation to conversation because I think this model makes more sense in this domain.

      Having said that, if the sole purpose of your submission is to share an external resource (which very well may be in any language), please try to provide a useful commentary in the text field (in English) and apply the correct country tag.

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        I’m OK with it as long as I can filter out articles that aren’t in my languages, especially if they contain advice only relevant to a certain country. I’m completely OK with people not in the US being able to filter out US-focused articles, too.

        However, I think it’s up to @phatcat to decide what the general centricity of the site should be, if any at all.