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Investing advice is very often country specific. Do you think it makes sense to have tags for different countries, at least for the countries where Bitmians (is that a word yet?) are located?

I understand this might blow up the number of tags on the site, but since tags are being added on a request-basis anyway, maybe it’s not too much of a problem.



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    Bitmians! 💼

    Country might be a lot to deal with. However something like continents might be a cool option to begin with?

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      I posted a reply here.

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      I like the idea – it would be nice to get rid of the inherent country bias as it is the case on many forums.

      What tags would you suggest? How about "US", "EU" and "Asia" for starters, and we’d add new ones on a request-basis expressed here?

      Also, what rules do we choose to enforce? Would the tags be based on the country of residence of the author or on the particular security matters that are being discussed? For example, which tags would be appropriate for this story? Is it "US", "EU" or both?

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        Agreed, keep it as broad as possible to begin with. “China” may be a relevant starting tag depending on users here.

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          Using both “US” and “EU” might be appropriate in this story. It would then indicate that there is a relationship between these tags (countries)

          However, it might get a bit messy when you as a user that uses the “search” function would be interested in seeing all the stories about “EU citizens that want to do US affairs” - those would have the same tags (US, EU) as the stories about “US citizens that want to do EU affairs”. When combining it’s harder to differentiate but I guess that’s the nature of tags. 🌂

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            While the author is mentioning living in Europe, being paid in Euros and his intent to invest in an Eurozone index, my personal opinion is that a "US" tag would be more appropriate for this particular story as it is mostly relevant to US citizens. I say let’s use tags based on who they are relevant for rather than the user’s citizenship or location.

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            With continent tags, EU could get messy. For example, I’m located in DE and I find /r/finanzen much more relevant than /r/eupersonalfinance.

            I’m personally inclined towards country tags, but I’m also OK with continent tags and the others on a request-basis.

            For the story you linked to, I think both US and EU apply. 🤷‍♂️

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              Fair enough, let’s go with countries then – it just dawned on me that even within the European Union there may be country-specific questions and issues (e.g. distinctive tax treaties with US).

              As suggested, I’ll create new tags on a request-basis. I take it you’d like "Germany" 😊

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                I take it you’d like “Germany”

                Yes, please!

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            If there are no country tags in a region, should we at least have a regional/continent tag? I.e. If we don’t have a country in Asia yet as a tag, perhaps we should have an Asia tag?

            Same for Africa, etc.

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              That makes sense, yes.