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For those of you who are interested in developing your own investing screeners/apps, IEX provides a free web API service that allows you to pull real time US market data. I find this pretty cool! API docs can be found here.

And to give even more credit to these people, Brad Katsuyama is the guy who has fought HFT (High Frequency Trading) front-running practices, founding IEX as the result. Here’s a video of him talking about this. For more context, read Michael Lewis’ book, Flash Boys.


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    I’d love to see a simple getquote implementation around this web service.

    $ getquote IBM
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      I threw together something real quick. It’s not great, but you can run `./getquote.py fb’ from the command line and it should work for you.

      Probably need to run chmod +x getquote.py first to make it executable.