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The Bitmia IRC channel primarily exists:

  • As a real-time companion to this site, with the same focus on investing and personal finance.
  • As an extension of the community, which most would recognize as being a small and enjoyable crucible of discussion.
  • As a place to ask for an invitation to this community, if you do not already have one. Spamming for invites will result in a channel ban.
  • As a place to meet other people.
  • As a place to collaborate on or forge the details of a future Bitmia post before it is posted. Posts should be well crafted. If you want to ask the community what might make a good posting, or for feedback on a rough draft, #bitmia would be a good place to do it.
  • As a fun, “general” discussion channel (anything on-topic here is on-topic in #bitmia).

It is my hope that a sizable chunk of people registered on this website will idle or actively participate in this channel :)