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Having mostly index funds and a few bonds in my portfolio, I’m interested in diversifying a bit, and recently I saw the term REIT (real estate investment fund) mentioned somewhere. This piqued my interest. However, so far I haven’t found any obvious/trustworthy brokers operating from the EU where you can invest in such a fund. Does anyone have some good suggestions?


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    I remember seeing IFEU on IB’s stock screener, is that what you’re looking for? Looks like it’s reasonably diversified across western Europe including quite a bit outside the Eurozone.

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      I should probably have made it less ambiguous: I’m looking for brokers inside the EU (preferably the Netherlands) which provide REITs, not necessarily based on property inside the EU. I’ve updated the question to reflect this.

      As far as I can tell, IFEU only offers their funds via Fidelity, which is US-centric.

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        Sorry, I misunderstood your question. Any reasonable broker should provide access to REITs.

        I’ve seen quite a few Degiro mentions on other forums, and their wiki says they provide access to over 60 exchanges, so that should hit the spot. Have you tried them?

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          A couple of years ago I was doing research to find a broker for index funds, and read some negative posts about DeGiro (see also the “critics” section on the WikiPedia page). I might give them a second look to see if they’ve cleaned up their act in the mean time. In any case, thanks for the tip!