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    I remember seeing IFEU on IB’s stock screener, is that what you’re looking for? Looks like it’s reasonably diversified across western Europe including quite a bit outside the Eurozone.

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      I should probably have made it less ambiguous: I’m looking for brokers inside the EU (preferably the Netherlands) which provide REITs, not necessarily based on property inside the EU. I’ve updated the question to reflect this.

      As far as I can tell, IFEU only offers their funds via Fidelity, which is US-centric.

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        Sorry, I misunderstood your question. Any reasonable broker should provide access to REITs.

        I’ve seen quite a few Degiro mentions on other forums, and their wiki says they provide access to over 60 exchanges, so that should hit the spot. Have you tried them?

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          A couple of years ago I was doing research to find a broker for index funds, and read some negative posts about DeGiro (see also the “critics” section on the WikiPedia page). I might give them a second look to see if they’ve cleaned up their act in the mean time. In any case, thanks for the tip!

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      Even though I prefer plaintext tools in general, for my accounting use GNUCash. It’s been around for a long time and it’s in relatively widespread use, and best of all, it’s scriptable in Scheme :). For instance, I use a custom eguile template for my freelancing invoices.

      Its manual is also a great resource if you’re new to bookkeeping, it contains a tutorial of the most common bookkeeping issues you’re likely to run into if you use it for personal and even small business accounting.

      I’ve tried the original “ledger” before but I feel really anxious about trusting myself with such a tool to keep all the entries correctly balanced in one single plain text file. What if I make a typo somewhere in the file, like removing one line ending or so, or if my editor crashes while writing a file? As a bit of a database geek, I know the benefits of ACID in databases, so I really prefer to trust this kind of data to a database-backed tool (GNUCash uses sqlite, BTW).

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        one single plain text file

        I’ve found a decent way around this that I only have to work around every now and then when I have one single day that has dependent transactions in different accounts. I keep accounts in different files per month, e.g.

          - 01
            - 201801-bank.ledger
            - 201801-creditcard.ledger
            - 201801-storecard.ledger
            - 201801-transfers.ledger
          - 02
            - 201802-bank.ledger
            - 201802-creditcard.ledger
            - 201802-storecard.ledger
            - 201802-transfers.ledger
          - 03
            - 201803-bank.ledger
            - 201803-creditcard.ledger
            - 201803-storecard.ledger
            - 201803-transfers.ledger

        Transfers is where I keep transactions that touch multiple accounts or accounts that aren’t worth having a separate file for: e.g. cash in my wallet and I rarely ever use it, etc.

        Here’s a snippet from my Makefile:

        REPORTS_DIR = reports
        YEAR = 2018
        LEDGER = ledger
        LEDGER_INDEX_FILE = $(REPORTS_DIR)/$(YEAR)_includes.ledger
        LEDGER_FILE = $(REPORTS_DIR)/$(YEAR).ledger
        LEDGER_CMD = $(LEDGER) -f $(LEDGER_FILE) $(X)
        	mkdir -p reports
        	echo "include ../opening.ledger" > [email protected]
                # This relies on `fd` to do the right sort order for dates, which it does!
                # replace with find if you don't have fd, which you should because it's better 
                # https://github.com/sharkdp/fd
        	fd '.ledger' transactions | xargs -I % echo "include ../%" >> [email protected]
        	$(LEDGER) -f $< --permissive -S d print > [email protected]
        bal: $(LEDGER_FILE) ## show all balances
        	$(LEDGER_CMD) balance --cleared
        raw: $(LEDGER_FILE) ## run a query with make raw Q="bal" or drops into console mode
        	$(LEDGER_CMD) $(Q)

        I’ve learned a lot about make since I originally wrote this. One of the big things I need to do is make all of the ledger files in the transactions directory be inputs to the LEDGER_INDEX_FILE task so that it gets run automatically. Right now, I have to run make clean whenever I’ve made changes to any transaction files :-/

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        For Dutch citizens, I can recommend Meesman. Be sure to check out the Dutch book De Schitterende Eenvoud van Indexbeleggen, which you can order right from their site. Their “world wide” index fund does quite well and has received a Morning Star rating of 5 stars. I’ve had less luck with their “up and coming countries” index fund so far.